Running as a punishment: Is this bullying? You decide

A high school football coach in Iowa was suspended because he forced a sophomore to run sprints and extra laps as punishment for breaking team rules.

The Des Moines Register reported that the coach is being accused of violating school bullying and corporal punishment policies.

Read the article here and decide for yourself.

Pretty sure if this policy spreads, there will be a lot of coaches who will have to change their ways.

I also know of coaches, in a variety of sports, who make entire teams run extra after games or at practices for miscues. Such as errors in a baseball game or number of runners left on base in a softball game.

Those coaches could say it’s for conditioning. But if the number of sprints is determined by the number or errors or runners left on base, for example, that would make it a punishment, right?

Well, in Iowa, that might be considered bullying.

I fear for our future. 🙂

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