News Tribune has news on eligibility with a big name

Todd Milles of the News Tribune in Tacoma has this report on the eligibility of the son of former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna.

It appears Jordan Kitna will not be allowed to play varsity sports his freshman year at Lincoln High School because he lives outside of Lincoln’s boundary. Jon Kitna is Lincoln’s coach.

Reminds me of what I wrote years ago: I could get a pet rock eligible under WIAA rules.

OK, maybe not. But it is not that difficult for a lot of people.

A few years ago, an athletic director told me that the WIAA rules regarding transfer students have a bigger impact on middle class families who own homes than rich families. His logic: If the family unit moves to a different school boundary, the student is automatically eligible at that school. It is easier for a wealthy family to buy a home for a school year or two, move in, and gain eligibility.

The same AD also said families who are renting have been known to find a new place to rent, in order to gain automatic eligibility at a new school.

Just a little free advice to the Kitna family.

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