What's The Toughest Event In Track?

What is the most demanding running event in track? Tanner Sork of Union has a pretty good idea.

Sork won the 400 meters and the 800 meters Wednesday at the Class 4A district track and field meet, and we have more about him in our coverage of the meet.

That performance wasn’t bad for somebody who spent most of his athletic career as a distance runner and spends part of his year as a cross-country runner. Sork became a middle-distance runner last year as a junior, and the change seems to suit him well. He is ranked fifth in the state in the 400 among all classifications, and sixth in the 800.

So, which running event is the hardest?

“Since freshman year, I’ve run everything from the 400 to the two-mile,” he said. “The 400 by far is the more taxing on your body.”

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