A State Title — And Family Bragging Rights

Ashley Corral was a McDonald’s All-American in high school and now is a three-time all-Pac-12 selection in college. But there’s one basketball accomplishment her sister can hold over Ashley’s head.

When Heather Corral led Prairie to the state title Saturday, being named tournament MVP, it was the first championship for the Corrals.

That might seem hard to believe, considering they have been so prominent in girls basketball around here for so long, and that Prairie is always so good (Here’s a column I wrote about them last year). But the Falcons hadn’t won a state title since 2003 — until Saturday.

“This is probably the one thing I’ll ever have on Ashley in basketball,” Heather said, holding her championship medal. “Growing up I looked up to her. She helped more than she’ll know; she showed me how to play basketball.”

But, even if Ashley deserves a little credit for Heather’s state title, Heather has a basketball accolade that Ashley doesn’t. And she’ll have it forever. How does Heather feel about that?


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