Thank you to the guys on the Sports Desk

Got home from Tacoma around 2:45 a.m. By 3:30, the newspaper was delivered to my front porch. The Columbian went with a shared centerpiece: Two photos, two teams, two championships.

Now, I cannot be certain which issue all of you received. We were on a tight deadline Saturday, and I’m guessing some papers got a smaller story from the Prairie game. (It ended real close to 11 p.m.) But my longer story did make it into most of the print editions.

For that, I’d like to thank the guys on the Sports Desk, the guys who do not get their names in the paper much. I heard Tim Martinez was playing hurt this weekend, a little under the weather. I am guessing Jeff Klein did his part to quickly read, edit, and cram the stories into the paper. And I would gather that Kurt Zimmer was there, too, probably doing most of the other pages, allowing Tim and Jeff to concentrate on the high school tournaments.

While my little part of the world revolves around high school sports, the Blazers also had a game. That’s a lot of stuff coming in late at night. Our guys were solid.

And I must applaud the decision to share the main headline.

“Titles for two in Tacoma” with a photo of Skyview and a photo of Prairie, with both game stories front and center.

We writers in Tacoma — Greg Jayne and Paul Danzer were also there — appreciate our guys back home.

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