Have to admit. With about three minutes left in Saturday’s 4A title game, I was starting to think about how to write about a tough loss for Skyview.

The Storm were down by five after a three-point play from Madison Hovren off a sweet assist from Brooke Gallaway. It was Gallaway who scored six of her 12 points in the final period to help Central Valley to that 48-43 edge. The Bears had all the momentum.

Then the Storm missed shots on their next two possessions. Face it, Skyview fans, it wasn’t looking too good at this point.

Then the press happened.

Then the steals happened.

Then Aubrey Ward-El happened.

And then the story changed.

Skyview coach Jennifer Buscher said her team was too tired to play full-court press the whole game. It was the third day of a three-day tournament, after all.

But she figured she could use it for a little bit, to change things up. The trap was set, and the Storm took care of their prey.

Jocelyn Adams picked off a pass near half-court, drove to the hoop, got the hoop and the harm. Her free throw made it 43-41 with 1:44 to play.

“We needed the points,” Adams said. “I was just hoping I could help out my teammates and make those points right there.”

Central Valley’s next possession ended quickly. Aubrey Ward-El got the steal this time. She missed her shot, but Stephanie McDonagh was there with the put-back basket to tie the game.

Central Valley then missed a shot. Skyview returned the favor with a miss of its own. The Bears missed again, setting up the Storm with 14 seconds left.

You know the rest. McDonagh dribbled along the baseline, found Ward-El, and the Skyview Storm won the state title.

“I don’t even know what to think right now,” Adams said. “I’m glad I got to go to battle with this team.”

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