No need to score, Heather Corral

Heather Corral’s 3-pointer in the 3A championship game capped an 11-0 run that gave Prairie a 24-13 lead.

It also happened to be her first, and only, field goal of the game.

Oh, but it hardly mattered. She was the dominant force in the game. I had her with seven assists. She was credited with six steals. She had two blocked shots. She took a charge. She deflected several balls out of bounce, upsetting any rhythm for Franklin.

Three times, she picked up the steal/assist combo.

The first, a steal-and-pass to Andrea Smith, made it 21-13 Prairie. The next one went to Megan Lindsley for a 32-19 lead. In the fourth, she found Cori Woodward to make it 47-30, the largest lead of the game.

Prairie scored 23 points off of Franklin’s turnovers.

“We didn’t know how they were going to handle the pressure,” Prairie coach Al Aldridge said, referring to the Quakers. “They didn’t like it.”

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