Camas’ Sierra Brown rules 2nd Q.

For an eight-minute stretch of Friday night’s girls basketball game between Camas and top-ranked Prairie, it was Sierra Brown’s world and we were all just living in it.

Brown, a junior from Camas, gave the Papermakers the kind of lift that athletes will remember for years. To say Brown was “in the zone” is an understatement.

Coming off the bench, Brown scored 17 points on 6-of-7 shooting. In the second quarter. Yes. Just the second quarter. Against the best Class 3A team in the state.

Her performance gave Camas a 26-24 lead at the half. Considering Prairie has not lost a league game since January of 2000, that’s an accomplishment in itself. (Yes, I know Camas beat Prairie a couple years back in the district tournament. And Skyview topped Prairie in a non-league game this season. But the Falcons still are undefeated in league play since 2000.)

Sure, Prairie would respond in the second half and eventually win 66-45. My game story explained the details of that second-half performance. This blog entry, though, belongs to Sierra Brown.

I keep track of every point scored, in order, throughout every game I cover. In my running score, I use initials to determine who scored when. (I’m also trying to keep a full boxscore at the same time. That gets interesting.)

My second quarter notes look a lot like this: SB SB SB SB SB …

Brown scored her team’s first 11 points of the quarter, giving Camas an 18-16 advantage. She also had five rebounds in the period, three on the offensive end. One of those, off a missed free throw, she put back up for two more points.

In all, she went 6 for 7 from the floor in the period. She grabbed the rebound on that lone miss and was fouled. Then she made both free throws.

After teammate Jenka Stiasna made a basket to make it 20-16, Brown finished the period with six more points. That made it 17 of her team’s 19 points.

The hot streak ended at the half. Brown took just two more shots the rest of the game and finished with 19 points on 7 of 9 shooting, plus she was 5 of 7 from the line.

But that quarter, well, it was remarkable.

After the game, though, she was just as happy for her team as for her own performance. While Camas lost, the Papermakers proved they can play tough against powerful Prairie.

“I’m so proud of everything we did,” Brown said. “It gives us excitement for future games.”

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