3A Greater St. Helens League all-league volleyball

Player of the year: Brindl Langley, Camas.


Treneisha Doyle, OM/MB, Hudson’s Bay

Johna McEllrath, OH/MB, Prairie

Grace Boyer-Quick, OH/MB, Columbia River

Kiana Davis, OH/MB, Kelso

Jessica McDonald, OH/MB, Prairie

Abbie Younkin, S, Camas

Tori Porter, S, Prairie

Katie Pagel, DS, Prairie


Katie Trimble, OH/MB, Columbia River; Nikita DeMare, OH/MB, Prairie; Karlee Lubenow, OH/MB, Prairie; Jessica Fischer, S, Kelso; Morgan Ambrose, S, Morgan Ambrose; Nicole Stohr, DS, Columbia River


Carissa Campbell, OH/MB, Prairie; Kendall Johnson, OH/MB, Mountain View; Carly Sims, OH/MB, Kelso; Kathrine Kofoed, OH/MB, Columbia River; Malika McNamara, OH/MB, Fort Vancouver; Kystra Brixey, S, Mountain View; Kendal Warren, DS, Prairie; Sierra Wishard, DS, Kelso.

Coach of the year: Andrea Doerfler, Prairie; Abby Guttormsen, Kelso

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