Prep football picks: season in review

Since The Columbian began making high school football picks, a 70 percent success rate is normally the bar that we aim for.

But this season the fans have hit a 77-percent success rate. Pretty good.

But The Columbian has hit an 86-percent success rate.

The Columbian staff has been especially successful in recent weeks, missing only two games in the past three weeks. Last week’s win by Prairie over Columbia River prevented a second consecutive perfect week.

Here’s a look at how The Columbian staff and the fans have fared with their weekly prep football picks:

WEEK 1: Columbian 10-3, Fans 9-4

WEEK 2: Columbian 11-2, Fans 10-3

WEEK 3: Columbian 11-2, Fans 9-4

WEEK 4: Columbian 11-1, Fans 8-4

WEEK 5: Columbian 12-0, Fans 11-0 (one split vote for the fans)

WEEK 6: Columbian 12-1, Fans 11-2

SEASON: Columbian 67-9 (.859), Fans 58-17 (.773)

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