Bay's AD says goodbye

She could have retired years ago.

But Jeanne Shults was enjoying her job too much to just leave.

“It’s funny when you don’t have to work anymore, you actually like to work more,” Shults said. “It’s always been so much fun with all the sports, the activities, and the kids.”

Shults, though, said this recent school year will be her last.

After 37 school years, including the last four as the athletic director at Hudson’s Bay, Shults said she really is retiring.

“I figure if Brett Favre and Shaq can do it, I can, too,” she said.

Stoney Myers, an associate principal at Bay, will move into the athletic director’s role for the coming school year.

Shults, also a former athletic director at Skyview, was a coach or an administrator involved with sports and/or activities in all 37 years with Vancouver Public Schools.

Shults said the end of her career has special meaning because she will get to call herself a “double Bay alum.” She graduated from Hudson’s Bay in 1967.

“I’ve come around full circle, and I’m retiring from here,” she said.

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