4A GSHL all-league boys track and field team

Track athlete of the year: Brad Michael, sr., Skyview. Field athlete of the year: Sean Keller, jr., Heritage.


Brad Michael Sr. 100 Skyview

Brad Michael Sr. 200 Skyview

Brad Michael Sr. 400 Skyview

Tanner Sork Jr. 800 Union

Roman Kirkov Jr. 1600 Union

Roman Kirkov Jr. 3200 Union

Jo Jo Reynolds Jr. 110H Union

Mo Morrison Jr. 300H Skyview

Forrest Russell So. LJ Skyview

Nehemiah Beavers Sr. TJ Evergreen

Jacob Troupe Sr. HJ Union

Terrall Quigley Sr. SP Heritage

Zach Hall Jr. Dis Heritage

Sean Keller Jr. Jav Heritage

Joe Thompson Jr. PV Union


100: Ryan Stanford, jr., Union; 200: Ryan Stanford, jr., Union; 400: Kevin Boyd, sr., Skyview; 800: Jorge Torres, sr., Heritage; 1600: Colby Gilbert, so., Skyview; ; 3200: Colby Gilbert, so., Skyview; 110H: Karl Graves, sr., Skyview; 300H: Nehemiah Beavers, sr., Evergreen; LJ: Quwantae Wallace, sr., Evergreen; TJ: Tevis Koch, jr., Skyview; HJ: David Reinhardt, sr., Battle Ground; SP: Williw Lopez, so., Skyview; DIS: Cody Fields, sr., Skyview; JAV: Sam Ferenchak, sr., Union; PV: Jamison Shirley, jr., Skyview.

Coach of the year: Julian Williams, Skyview

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