1B Coastal League all-league football team

Offensive player of the year: Henry Matai, rb, Lyle/Wishram.

Defensive players of the year: Nolan Smith, de, Lyle Wishram; Josh Russell, de, King’s Way Christian.



Jay Becker QB King’s Way Christian

Henry Matai RB Lyle/Wishram

Josh Russell RB King’s Way Christian

Carter Coval WR King’s Way Christian

Chris Crenshaw WR King’s Way Christian

Trey Kitchens G Lyle/Wishram

Andrew Kingsbury G King’s Way Christian

B. Williams C Lyle/Wishram


Nolan Smith DE Lyle/Wishram

Josh Russell DE King’s Way Christian

Justin Law DT Taholah

Steven Poisel DT Lake Quinault

Henry Matai LB Lyle/Wishram

Urijah Willis LB Taholah

C. Carpenter DB Lyle/Wishram

Dalton Lines DB Lake Quinault


Offense: Justin Curley Bear, QB, Taholah; Chalo Aguilar, RB, Lake Quinault; Kameron Jones, RB, Taholah; Josh Talevich, WR, Wishkah; Dalton Lines, WR, Lake Quinault; Hayden York, G, King’s Way Christian; Robert Northrup, G, Taholah; Tanner Coval, C, King’s Way Christian.

Defense: Jonathan Von Ahn, DE, Lyle/Wishram; E.J. Russell, DE, King’s Way Christian; G. Montoya, DT, Lyle/Wishram; Bradley Helberg, DT, Wishkah; Nathan Marsh, LB, Wishkah; Daniel Gillock, LB, King’s Way Christian; Jake Rasler, DB, Wishkah; Keigen Gardiner, DB, Wishkah.


Nathan Marsh, qb, Wishkah; Nolan Smith, rb, Lyle/Wishram; Raymond Banuelos, rb, Oakville; Keigen Gardiner, wr, Wishkah; Dustin Rock, g, Washington School for Deaf; Steven Poisel, g, Lake Quinault; Austin Peters, c, Lake Quinault; Izzy Charley, c, Taholah; Pablo Aguilar, de, Lake Quinault; Nate Pluff, de, Lake Quinault; Dustin Rock, dt, Washington School for Deaf; Jonathan Jack, dt, Oakville; Hayden York, lb, King’s Way Christian; Raymond Bunuelos, lb, Oakville; Nick Ortiz, db, Washington School for Deaf.

Team sportsmanship: Washington School for Deaf, King’s Way Christian

Coach of the year: Luke Gillock, King’s Way Christian

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