Priscilla Timmons thanks her teammates

Skyview’s Priscilla Timmons came into The Columbian’s office for an interview and photo op for our story on the All-Region girls cross country runner of the year.

After the interview, she asked if she could expand on her answers. She wanted to make sure her coaches and teammates understood how much they have meant to her over the years. Here is most of an e-mail she wrote to us:

“I have had a lot of success and accomplished so many things that I am really proud of, but it wouldn’t be anything without my family, my coaches and my team who are always there to support me. Running at Skyview has been the most exciting and fun experience of my life, and I still can’t believe it’s over.

“We had an outstanding year. Our team really pulled through and ran better than we could have predicted. (Coach Ron) Heidenreich pushed us harder than ever and everything paid off. Our sixth-place finish at state was the best Skyview has ever done and I just feel so lucky to be a part of this team. Looking back to my freshman year when the team didn’t even qualify to state, if you would have told us that in three years we would be one of the top ten teams in the state we probably would have laughed at you. Even this year when Heidenreich told us we could be top four we laughed at him, but he believed in us and we ended up being right there!

“That’s the thing about Heidenreich; he has always believed in me and pushed me to do my best and to be the best. I will never forget all he has done for me and our team and I can’t thank him enough!

“I would also like to thank my club coach Mr. Flanagan for getting my cross country career started back in 8th grade. If I didn’t have so much fun on his team I might not have ran cross country in high school!

“Haha so my career has been awesome so far, but it isn’t over by a long shot! I’m definitely going to run in college I just don’t know where yet.”

As far as her favorite things about cross country, she writes …

“Well besides the team bonding and all my unforgettable memories at Olive Garden, my favorite thing about cross country is… well I have a couple. I love the competition of running cross country because it’s so hard core and tough that it results with such an accomplishing feeling when you are successful or meet your goals. That’s something unique you can’t get out of other sports. I also love the people and the environment of a cross country meet because everyone is always so happy and excited to watch their athlete run and you can’t help but be happy and excited too. It’s the best place to hang out on a weekend if you want to meet some extremely nice and pumped fans!

“Oh and my favorite thing AT cross country meets, is when I’m done with my race and I’m watching the other races, whether it’s the boys race or whoever, and standing at the mile or where ever on the course to watch everyone go by, then watching all the parents and fans go by, trying to book it to the next spot. Haha, it’s just the funniest thing and I think it’s the most unique part about cross country. It’s not just the athlete that has to be fit… but the fans as well!”



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