3A GSHL all-league volleyball team

Co-players of the year: Stefani Sorensen, Camas; Haley Doerfler, Prairie.


Treneisha Doyle OH/MB Hudson’s Bay

Katie Trimble OH/MB Columbia River

Brindl Langley OH/MB Camas

Nikita DeMare OH/MB Prairie

Marleen de Zoete S Camas

Katie Pagel Spec. Prairie

Ashley Stefku Spec. Hudson’s Bay


OH/MB: Karlee Lubenow, Prairie; Katie Reichert, Kelso; Kelsy Benton, Camas; Grace Boyer-Quick, Columbia River; S: Jessica Fisher, Kelso; SPEC: Ripley Waldo, Columbia River; Sabrina Kragness, Mountain View.

Coach of the year: Julie Nidick, Camas

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