Week 5 high school football picks

Well, that was a rough week.

And to tell the truth, we knew it was coming.

Normally when putting together picks, The Columbian staff is in agreement on most of the picks. Last week, a vast majority of the picks were split decisions.

The result? And 8-6 week, the worst of the season.

We missed on Heritage-Mountain View (could have gone either way), Scio-Woodland (yikes!), Camas-Skyview (picking the favorites every week is boring), Prairie-Fort Vancouver (thought the Trappers had things rolling), King’s Way-Lake Quinault (C’mon! It’s 1B football), Hudson’s Bay-Battle Ground (Sorry, just didn’t see that one coming).

In Week 5, we’re back in agreement with almost all of this week’s picks, so were hopeful for better results.

Even with last week’s showing, we’re still 40-14 for the season (.741).

For this week’s picks, go to www.360preps.com and look for “Week 5 prep football”

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