Week 2 prep football picks

The Columbian sports staff got off to a solid start of picking prep winners in Week 1 of the high school football season.

The Columbian went 8-4 in Week 1 and will look to build upon that success.

The only games we missed were Mountain View over Evergreen (missed that big time), Sherwood over Skyview (wishful thinking), Washougal over Hudson’s Bay (so close) and Ridgefield over Fort Vancouver (if anyone asked us, we would have said “Go for 1 and win it in OT!”)

Now, you may be wondering about our Week 2 picks. Well, we’ve moved them. If you go back to 360preps.com, you’ll see stories title “Prep football Week 2: Team vs. Team.” These are preview caps of this week’s games. At the end of those caps are our picks.

Read them and enjoy. And we’ll see how we did in Week 2.

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