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Coach Steve Kizer

NBLC lives:
In case you had not heard, Union is in the 4A Greater St. Helens League now. That automatically makes Skyview and Union a rivalry. 

Union has beaten Skyview the past two seasons in non-league play, but it should be noted that until someone beats Skyview in league play, this is still Skyview’s league. The Storm have earned that, with back-to-back league titles and three of the past four.

“Our team does take a lot of pride in it. We say NBLC every year,” senior quarterback Kody Watts said, referring to Skyview’s chant, which means Nothing But League Champs. “We believe in it. We all bought into it when we were freshmen, and we still believe in it.”

Junior running back Parker Henry appreciates what Union has done, as well, with back-to-back 3A GSHL titles and consecutive long stays in the state playoffs.

“I’m definitely looking forward to them (in our league). … They beat us the last two years. People think they’re going to beat us again. We’re going to try to prove otherwise.”

It will be a long wait. Skyview takes on Union in Week 9.

New look at QB:
Kody Watts had to battle for the starting position, but he earned it, according to coach Steve Kizer. 

“Watts had it rolling at (summer) camp at Oregon State, and he had a good (training) camp,” Kizer said. 

But expect to see junior Kieran McDonagh under center a few times, as well. Described by one assistant coach at the GSHL’s Tim Tebow, McDonagh’s huge frame suggests he would just love to run over a defensive back if he ever had to scramble.

For Watts, he hopes for a strong outing in Game 1, against Sherwood, Ore.

“I think it will set the standard for the season, my first varsity start,” he said. “That takes a whole new level, to start varsity instead of being a backup. It’s very important to me. It means a lot.”

Parker Henry is feeling fine: 
After a sensational start to the 2009 season, running back Parker Henry’s year came to a sudden halt in Week 5 when he suffered a broken collarbone.

Now a junior, he reports he is 100 percent healthy. 

But he does not look the same. Actually, he just looks bigger and stronger. And that could be scary for the rest of the 4A GSHL.

“I put on about 20 pounds from last season,” he said, crediting Kizer’s weight class. 

But did he lose any of that speed?

“I don’t think so. I guess we’ll see,” he said with a smile.

He said he learned a few things while watching his teammates win the league title then advance to the state semifinals.

“It sucks to sit out, and I want to be on the field,” he said.

More next week: 
Look for a feature on Skykview wide receivers Ellis Henderson and Karl Graves  next week in The Columbian.

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