3A baseball postgame quotes: Camas

Transcripts of interviews with Camas following the Papermakers’ 3-2 victory over Columbia River in a 3A state baseball semifinal game on Friday at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Camas coach Joe Hallead

On the game and the outcome:

I feel like I’ve been through a war. I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of a better baseball game. And I don’t know if I’ve ever seen —

I’ve got to tip my hat to them. That Columbia River team was worthy of being in the championship game. It’s too bad that anybody had to lose that game. We both went to our No. 2 (pitchers). I think we both really wanted that game. It’s just a case of two even teams.

That (Columbia River) center fielder.

I get emotional because there were just so many great plays that were made. It was the best high school baseball game that I’ve ever seen. Pitching, fielding and hitters just trying to do something with the ball. Last weekend, we swung the bats at will against inferior pitching.

Skye (Adams) … him and Taylor (Williams) pitched their hearts out. They both deserve to win. We have the utmost respect for Skye and the River program. They have 16 seniors that were worthy of going to the championship game. Kurt (Yinger) just got the big hit when it mattered. We put together something in the bottom of the 11th (inning).

I’m just so blessed to coach these guys, because they’re fine men. It’s nice to coach them.

On Yinger’s hit capturing the team’s effort this season:

This team is the Road Warriors. (Laughs) We feel comfortable in any situation. All year in practice, we worked on competitive endings to games. And the guys would get so competitive, they’d argue and they’d get into it with each other. I just think that the heart and the will of this team is so strong.

We’re going to be up against the eight ball tomorrow, because we’re going to be the team that is the underdogs tomorrow, even though O’Dea is ranked a little bit lower than we are. But we had to use up our top two. We are relishing the chance tomorrow to come and play in the championship.

We’re in the state championship game. When I took this program over 10 years ago, it wasn’t even in the foreshadowing. This group of boys, these eight seniors and Kurt and the juniors and Austin Barr, a sophomore, have just gelled together so nicely. This has been a magical season, a magical trip through this postseason.

Yinger on giving up a run to River in the top of the 11th:

I was a little down. A little frustrated. But all season we’ve been working on coming back and keeping the poise on the mound and everything. So, I tried to not let it get to me, and I knew I was going to have a chance. I knew my teammates were going to get on and we were going to battle, and I just wanted to be ready and take advantage of that.

On how he felt walking up to the plate in the bottom of the 11th:

I don’t even know. I was just walking through it. I got up to the plate, and I knew the deeper I got into the count, the more trouble I was going to be in. Because (Christian) Bannister, he’s a pretty dirty guy. He’s trouble. He’s got some really good stuff. He was throwing very well. You saw what he did to Taylor (Williams), and he’s one of the best hitters on our team. I just looked for a fastball, and I got it first pitch. It was middle-out; about the plate. He was just trying to get ahead (like) any good pitcher would do.

I went with it a little bit. Hit it where it was pitched, and I just took advantage.

Honestly, I didn’t really know where the ball was. I looked up and I knew it was to right. I saw Skye running and I picked it up. I saw it was going in the corner and I was just hoping that it would roll and he wouldn’t get to it quick enough and Logan (Grindy) could score and we could just get out of there right now.

On the dream-like ending at Safeco Field:

Oh, yeah. It was fantastic. I’m just so proud of our whole team. We’ve worked all season to get here. And the fact that I could come through in the end, I don’t know, I think it’s a little overplayed. I think anyone of us could’ve been there and got that hit. I’m just glad I could take advantage of it and not let my guys down and just be able do it for them. I’m just really proud of my team, and I’m glad we got this opportunity at Safeco.

— B. Smith

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