Evergreen soccer celebrates in style

The plan was brilliant. The execution was perfect.

Kyle Bliquez had just scored the game-winning goal for Evergreen in overtime of its bi-district playoff on Saturday. The rest of the Plainsmen were going to celebrate — at Bliquez’s expense.

So after the post-game meeting in the locker room, I got the chance to interview the man with the golden goal. Turns out, it was his first goal as a high school athlete. Perfect timing for the senior, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, because of the interview, he was late getting back to Evergreen’s sideline, where the rest of his teammates had gathered. There they thanked their fans and waited for Bliquez.

As he was walking across the field toward them, his teammates shouted for him to come their way. They wanted him in the middle of their huddle, probably to lead their victory chant or something.

Or maybe not.

You see, a wall of Plainsmen perfectly hid the water cooler from Bliquez’s sight. So as he got there, expecting high-fives and hugs, he instead got drenched. 


A direct hit.

Now, some of us have seen the Gatorade Bath to celebrate victories for more than 20 years. There are some sports fans who wish the act would just go away — it’s just not original. 

But this one, I must attest, was great. 

Maybe it was because it happened 10 or 15 minutes after the victory. Maybe it was the perfect set-up. There was build-up. There was drama. It worked. 

And it was just one more wonderful memory from a day that saw the Plainsmen rally from three goals down in the second half to pull out an improbable victory.

Great day for the Plainsmen. Great fun for the Plainsmen.

And Bliquez did not mind one bit.





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