3A Track: 100 Will Be Rerun

Bigger news from the Class 3A GSHL district track meet: Kinsley Ojukwu might have gotten a break — if his hamstring is healthy by Friday.

Because of a problem with the timing system, the 3A boys 100 meters will be rerun at 3:50 p.m. Friday. The electronic timing apparatus failed to pick up the firing of the gun at the start of the race. That could be significant because the top three finishers advance to next week’s regional meet, but additional qualifiers could advance based upon their times — which are required to be electronic.

“Just a quirky thing,” said Union athletic coordinator Cale Piland. “We tested it. That was the only time it failed.”

That also could be significant for Ojukwu. He entered the meet with the second-best 100 time in the state, but pulled up midway through race because of tightness in his hamstring and failed to qualify.

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