In my game story for Prairie’s first-round victory over Lynnwood, I misidentified Prairie guard Kat Vela. I misread her name in the program and used an “r” instead of an “l” in her last name. My apologies, and a correction has been made with the online version of the story.

I ran into Kat at the state tournament Thursday prior to Prairie’s game. She was really nice about letting me know about the miscue. That was appreciated.

Many years ago, we had the wrong spelling of a name for a top-notch wrestler. We kept making the mistake because no one bothered to tell us. Even the parents said it was no big deal.

Thanks, but I promise you, it is a big deal to us. 

We do publish a lot of names in a lot of sports. We do misfire from time to time. Sometimes — like my Prairie story — it’s our fault. Sometimes, we get the wrong information from a coach or a tournament official. Regardless, we want to get it right.

Thanks, Kat, for letting me know. And I look forward to writing “Kat Vela” correctly for the rest of this week as well as next season.




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