Preschoolers aren’t getting enough exercise

An observational study of Seattle preschoolers found the children were presented with only 48 minutes of active play opportunities per day. The most frequent active play opportunity was outdoor free play […]

Parents support healthier school food policies

Most parents of school-age children support strong national nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold to kids during school, according to a new poll. The poll was released earlier this month […]

FDA: Say “No” to crispy fries

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to be the tastes-good-but-is-bad-for-you food buzzkill. This week, the FDA is reminding people to cut down the extra crispy French fries and certain other […]

Finding the healthiest, happiest cities

Ever wonder where the healthiest, happiest people in the U.S. live? Well, me neither. But Prevention magazine did and compiled a list of the 25 healthiest, happiest cities in America. The magazine […]

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