Achoo! I blame you

What’s the best way to feel better if you have the flu? Find someone to blame for your misery.

At least that’s the premise behind a new Facebook app, “Help, I have the flu.”

The app scans through your Facebook page to identify which friends are most likely to have given you the flu.

The app looks for friends’ comments and statuses relating to flu activity, like “coughing” and “sneezing” and even tracks trends such as late night posts, since lack of sleep is considered a risk factor for getting sick, according to a Time Healthland article.

Based on the search, the app provides a nice little list of people for you to blame. The app, of course, doesn’t take into consideration whether or not you’ve seen the guilty people recently.

Not sick yet? The app can also help healthy people find out who might make them sick.

“Don’t have the flu yet? Don’t get cocky. If you are not currently 10,000 miles from human civilization in a sterilized cavern wrapped in plastic wrap, you will most likely contract the flu,” the app advises.

An added bonus: The app allows you to send snarky messages to your Facebook friends with questionable flu activity, according to the Healthland article.

Hello, don’t take it personally (well, actually do) but I’m placing you in a quarantine…So If I don’t reply to your posts or come to your events that’s the reason. Sorry, what can I say? See you soon. Just not that soon.

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