Pregnancy tests and bar bathroom stalls

Question: What can $3 get you from dispenser in the women’s bathroom at a bar?

Answer: A pregnancy test and a clear conscience.

Before tipping back a few, women who patron Pub 500 in Mankato, Minn., can get answers to pesky questions like, “Am I pregnant?”

Jody Allen Crowe installed the dispenser at the upscale pub (after getting the OK from the bar’s owners) on July 17 – just days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a survey showing that one in 13 women drank alcohol while pregnant.

“It’s an epidemic,” Crowe told The New York Times. “The amount of prenatal exposure to alcohol is really not something people talk about because it’s such a guilt-ridden type of discussion.”

The pink-and-white dispenser hangs on the bar bathroom wall and sells the pregnancy tests for just $3. In the first month, Crowe sold a few dozen pregnancy tests, according to the Times article.

Crowe said he hopes to install the dispensers in other public places, like gas stations, fitness centers and malls.

Bar patrons weighed in on the dispenser in the Times article. Some think it provides discretion and accessibility. Others think those who take a pregnancy test at a bar are probably going to drink anyway.

What do you think about pregnancy tests in bar bathrooms?

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