Ultimate artery-clogger

The Clark County Fair is in full swing. And what’s the fair without fair food?

Staples like elephant ears, and burgers topped with onion rings, and curly fries.

And … deep-fried butter?

OK, luckily (for your health), Clark County’s big summer party doesn’t offer deep-fried butter on a stick (at least, not that I’m aware of).

But other fairs in the country do.

Last year, the Iowa State Fair debuted deep-fried butter to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the fair’s life-size butter cow sculpture.

The concoction included an entire stick of butter, speared with a stick, dipped into a cinnamon honey batter, plunged into the deep-fryer and, finally, coated in a sugar glaze.

The result looks like a corn dog missing the dog.

Speaking of corn dogs, this year, the Iowa State Fair is featuring a double-bacon corn dog.

Luckily, (again, for your health) the Clark County Fair is featuring vendors with more healthful options.

I’ll be heading out to the fair Wednesday to check out the healthy options (See Thursday’s Columbian for the story).

If you’ve visited the fairgrounds this year, what healthy options have you found?

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