What Supreme Court decision?

As a health reporter, I’m probably more tuned-in to health issues than the average person.

I get that.

But the findings from a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll regarding the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act are just disappointing.

The poll, which was published July 2, found that 41 percent of people aren’t even aware of the ruling – a ruling that will affect every American in some way.

Of the survey respondents:

-59 percent said they are aware the court upheld the health care law.

-18 percent said the court did not announce a ruling.

-17 percent said they didn’t know if the court announced a ruling.

-6 percent said they knew a ruling was made but were unaware of the decision.

It baffles me that so many people are unaware of the decision. Every news outlet – newspapers, local and national TV news, radio stations, Internet sites – had coverage of the decision.

News of the ruling also spread across social media like Twitter and Facebook. My Facebook feed was full of comments – nearly all from none newsies.

If you’re among the 41 percent who are unaware of the Supreme Court decision, here is an AP story The Columbian ran and here is my story with reaction from local health officials.

If you’re interested in more findings from the Kaiser Family Foundation – including how many people believe opponents of the law should move on to other national problems (56 percent) – then check out this collection of charts.

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