Pizza vending machines

Ever stare at the vending machine in the work lunchroom and wish it had steaming hot, made-from-scratch pizza?

Well, that wish may soon come true thanks to the Let’s Pizza vending machine.


That’s right. A pizza vending machine.

The Let’s Pizza can apparently whip up a pizza from scratch in less than 3 minutes.

The machine has been growing in popularity in Europe since it was launched three years ago. So much so, that the company that distributes the vending machine, A1 Concepts, is ready to bring Let’s Pizza to the U.S., according to the industry website Pizza Marketplace.

The company plans to open a headquarters in Atlanta next quarter.

A1 Concepts CEO Ronald Rammers explains how the machine works in the Pizza Marketplace article:

“The machine contains a specially developed bag of flour and a bag of mineral water. Every time you order a pizza, the machine will start making the dough, then shape it into a crust, and top it with organic tomato sauce. Next, one of the toppings is placed on top and the pizza is ready for the oven.”

The machine is stocked with ingredients for 200 pizzas and offers four different pizzas. The secret to the speedy cooking is an infra-red oven, Rammers said.

Once established in the U.S., you can expect to see the vending machines in malls, airports, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, universities, gas stations, bus stations and on and on.

A large theme park in Florida also wants the machine, Rammers said.

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of vending machine pizza?

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