Active centenarians

Who says growing old means slowing down?

According to a new survey by UnitedHealthcare, more than half of centenarians say they exercise nearly every day.

UnitedHealthcare polled 100 people who are 100 years or older for its seventh annual 100@100 survey. They also polled baby boomers in their early 50s for comparison’s sake.

The survey found centenarians are quite active; 51 percent say they exercise almost daily.

Other survey findings:

-Nearly 45 percent said walking was their favorite physical activity.

-40 percent do exercises to strengthen their muscles.

-11 percent practice yoga, Tai Chi or another similar activity.

-8 percent ride a bike regularly.

-5 percent jog.

-2 percent play sports like baseball, basketball, soccer or tennis.

The survey also found centenarians are outperforming baby boomers on consistently eating nutritiously balanced meals – 81 percent vs. 68 percent – and getting eight hours or more of sleep each night – 71 percent vs. 38 percent.

More boomers, however, say they exercise almost daily (59 percent).

What do you think promotes long, healthy lives?

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