Kids and cigarette packages

It’s really bright colors, and I think it would be quite fun to play with.

It looks girly. I just like it.

It makes you feel like you’re in a wonderland of happiness.

These are all comments kids made while looking at a dozen different cigarette packages.

As they examine the brightly colored packages, the kids call the designs funky and compare them to the sun and a symbol on Tin Tin.

The TV spot featuring the kids was created by the agency AMV BBDO London as part of Cancer Research U.K.’s campaign to remove all branding from tobacco packages.

According to this article about the video, director Finn McGough shot the kids giving their unscripted feedback at primary schools across London.

The campaign underscores the findings in a new Cancer Research U.K. report that identifies young people and women as the prime target groups for tobacco packaging.

The TV spot argues that unbranded cigarette packs will at least “give millions of kids one less reason to start” smoking.

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