Weight and body image

Are you happy with your weight?

Nearly three-quarters of Americans aren’t.

Fitness Magazine and Yahoo! Shine asked 2,000 men and women a variety of questions related to weight perceptions and body image.

The results aren’t surprising — 74 percent of adults say they aren’t at their goal weight – but do reiterate how much the number on a scale impacts how we feel about ourselves.

Survey respondents said if they could reach their goal weight, they would be happier (41 percent), have a better love life (18 percent), make more money (7 percent) and have more friends (5 percent).

The survey also touched on body image issues men, and especially women, face.

The survey found:

-51 percent of women have deleted a photo of themselves because they thought they looked fat. Young women, ages 18 to 34, are most likely to do so (60 percent). Only 21 percent of men have deleted a “fat photo.”

-33 percent of women have been too embarrassed to change clothes in public, compared to 21 percent of men.

-48 percent of women and 28 percent of men have an “I feel fat” day at least once a week; 19 percent of women feel fat every day.

-31 percent of women thought they looked fatter compared to other women. Only 10 percent thought they looked better.

-20 percent of women have bought too-small clothes in hopes of one day fitting into them; 40 percent of women saved “fat clothes” in case they gain a few pounds.

What do you think of the survey findings? Anything surprising to you?

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