Carry bottled water to keep kids' teeth clean on Halloween

Dr. Larry Kuhl of Delta Dental Service joined us last week for a live chat on Live Well about keeping teeth healthy during Halloween season. He offered some great tips, including how to keep kids’ teeth cleaner after they eat candy. Drink water!

Question from “curhanium”
If I am okay with my child eating a piece of candy, at Halloween or other time, what’s the best time of day to offer it?

Dr. Kuhl:
Time of day is not as important as how quickly the effect of the candy is stopped – such as brushing or at least swishing well with water. Ideally, the teeth cleaning would happen within 30 min of eating the candy (whenever that is).

Libby Tucker:
One of our Live Well advisory board members (Sharon Pesut) told me she hands out bottled water with her Halloween candy. I guess that’s useful for keeping teeth clean while trick or treating!

Dr. Kuhl:
Absolutely – great idea

For the full chat transcript visit our archive:

What are you handing out to Trick-or-Treaters this year?

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