Welcome new health bloggers to Columbian.com!

As part of The Columbian’s new focus on health news, we’ve started to feature local bloggers on the Live Well site who are writing about health and fitness.

Valerie Fender and Mike Lee of Vancouver based gluten free living blog Gling.com have started a Gluten Free in Clark County blog. Here they’ll give tips on finding gluten free products and specialty stores in Clark County, recipes for gluten free foods and other tips for living gluten free. Some of their recent posts include:

Recipes for satisfying a sweet tooth including chocolate pudding and blueberry crisp.
Planning meals ahead of time for busy families.
Using a crock pot or rice cooker for gluten free meals.

Local weight loss champion Chrisetta Mosley has also started to post her inspirational blog, Farewell Fatso! on Live Well. And soon, Vancouver fitness expert Dave Patania will join the mix.

If you’re interested in health and fitness issues and would like to join our growing group of bloggers, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment here below or email me at libby.tucker@columbian.com.

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