Send us your stories of recovery

Janel Pettit blogged earlier this week for Live Well about running her first half marathon since breaking her ankle on Mt. Hood on New Year’s Day. She wrote an inspiring post that radiated her sense of accomplishment in finishing the event — and made friends in the process.

I hope to find more of these victories, large and small, from our community to feature next month on Live Well. By sharing her victory, Janel inspired more of us (me included!) to push through challenges toward our own fitness goals.

Throughout September we will devote the site to stories of recovery from mental illness, disease, overweight/obesity and addiction.

What’s your story? Share it with us and you’ll be featured on Live Well and have a chance to be featured in our campaign for community health. Email to: or



Janel Pettit before Run Girl Run last Sunday in Vancouver. CONGRATS JANEL!

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