Back to school, recovery stories and teeth

What do back-to-school vaccines, addiction recovery stories and teeth have in common? They’re all topics for Live Well in coming months.

The Live Well advisory board met this morning to talk about the site’s progress so far and brainstorm topics to cover this fall.

Back-to-school month kicks off next week and we’ll have articles on vaccinations, walking or biking to school, before and after school activities and packing healthy lunches.

Then in September we’ll feature a range of stories about recovery, from people who overcame an addiction, mental illness or disease.

And October will be devoted to oral health. We’ll cover a community grant initiative to provide more dental services in the county; how to teach kids good brushing habits; guarding your teeth during athletic activities; and how to protect teeth from Halloween candy.

Are you an expert on one of these topics or have a story of recovery to tell? We’d love to talk with you for an article, (become a source) or run your article on Live Well (become a contributor).

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