Advisory board sets community goals for Live Well

When The Columbian set out to build a health news portal on our website earlier this year, we knew we wanted to take a different approach to our coverage. We wanted to involve the local community in designing the site, choosing features that would be most useful, and finding topics to write about that would help improve the overall health of Clark County residents.

Well Commons, a project of the Lawrence Journal World in Kansas, has successfully built a community health site full of local information and contributors. And one key to their success, LJWorld’s director of media strategies Jane Stevens told us, was their community advisory board. We followed her advice and invited health professionals, nonprofit directors and others in the local health community to join a Live Well advisory board. (The full list of Live Well advisory board members is available on the About page.)

The advisory board

  • gives feedback on our news coverage.
    • decides on an editorial calendar for topics of the month and week.
    • contributes content to the site.
    • promotes the site to their circles of influence.
    • ensures the goals of the site align with the community’s goals.

In asking for feedback and help from the community, we hope to build a resource that’s uniquely tailored to the health and fitness needs of Clark County.


Twitter: @LibbyTucker

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