What are Clark County's most pressing health issues?

In preparation for the Live Well launch, in April more than 30 local health and fitness professionals gathered at The Columbian for our first health summit. It was a meeting of the minds on the most pressing concerns in health and fitness that Clark County faces now and in the future.

The Live Well team asked the community for help choosing topics we might cover and brainstorming features for the site.

  • Here is the list we came up with of the county’s most pressing issues:

    • Funding cuts/ Financial factor of health/ Economic stress
    • Language barriers/ Cultural differences/ Shifting demographics
    • Technical literacy: How do we reach people who don’t have a computer or who can’t afford to subscribe or regularly buy The Columbian?
    • Obesity/ Children: Boomers are acting more healthy, the issue is the
      after-shock of those born since 2000
      who are overweight and inactive.
    • How to be fit?/ What is health?/ Physical, emotional, social,isolation, financial, resource awareness and access. Includes transportation, care, information, healthy food and activity.
    • Discouragement about health condition
    • Addressing all dimensions
    • Coordinated health care
    • Seniors 55+
    • Community infrastructure/planning- educating on
      the impact of the “Built Environment”

Then on June 7, the Live Well advisory board – volunteers who attended the health summit and wanted to stay involved in the project – laid out a tentative editorial calendar for the first few months after the Live Well launch. Our board decided on a theme for community content each month. And each week we’ll add articles written by community members that cover one topic within that theme. What issues are most important to you? What would you like to see The Columbian and Live Well write about in coming months?

Editorial Calendar:

Month #1 Summer Fun

July 18: Food
July 25: Outdoor activities
Aug. 1: Water safety

Month #2 Back to School

Walk or bike to school
Before and after school activities
Healthy lunches

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