A Memorable Week In These Parts

Haven’t been on my blog much because I’ve been contributing to our high school coverage and our high school blog. A couple items worth noting:

— Here are some thoughts I posted shortly after Jordan Chatman made a full-court shot at the buzzer. And here’s video of the shot.

— Believe it or not, Prairie’s state title gave the Corral sisters the grand total of one state title. Of course, that’s one more than most families win; it’s just that Ashley and Heather have been so good for so long and that Prairie is so successful that it seems like they would have more.

— After Skyview’s thrilling victory in the quarterfinals, I wrote this column about the shots that set up the game-winner.

— And after both Skyview and Prairie came away with state titles, we had this column about a remarkable week for Southwest Washington basketball.

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