Clark County’s Rose Bowl Champion

Here’s a link to Sunday’s column about Oregon lineman Nick Cody, plus a humorous anecdote that didn’t make it into the column.

Cody said he took it upon himself to instigate the Gatorade shower for coach Chip Kelly.

“We had 16 seconds left, and I was like, ‘Nobody’s on that yet; somebody has to take care of this,’ ” Cody said. But after Wisconsin completed a long pass and then spiked the ball, prompting a review before officials declared the game was over, the Ducks had to delay their celebration.

“I had to pause for a minute and put the Gatorade down and stand in front of it,” Cody said. “I didn’t want to look like an idiot.”

Once it was official, Kelly finally got doused.

“He was trying to run away; he was trying to outrun it,” Cody said.

“I’m just being me, somebody who loves the game and loves the celebration aspect of it.”

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