Big Changes For College Football — Or Maybe Not

As college football moves into its second season — the debate-over-a-playoff season — The Sporting News reports that some sort of playoff plan will be in place for 2014.

Writes Matt Hayes: ” ‘It gets done,’ a high-ranking BCS official told Sporting News Monday evening. . . . When asked what the playoff would look like, a high-ranking BCS source said there are ‘at least 60’ different options on the table, and that includes everything from a four-team playoff to one game after all the bowls.”

Well, that certainly sounds as though a solution is right around the corner.

The most common proposal is for a “plus-one” system, with an extra game after the bowls. Would that mean a rematch of the rematch? After all, LSU finished second in both polls.

As for Monday’s painfully dull game, Colin Cowherd brought up a good point on ESPN radio: The NCAA basketball title game last March between Connecticut and Butler was equally dull, and that was the result of a playoff.

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