But Where Does Freeman Williams Rank?

Need a momentary break from the Penn State story? We bring you Chuck Klosterman’s list of The 50 Greatest College Basketball Players of All-Time. Although it’s more like the 50 Most Interesting College Basketball Players Who Were Better In College Than The NBA of All-Time. Read Klosterman’s criteria before you take the list at face value.

That said, he did find a loophole in order to have the actual best player at No. 1: Lew Alcindor. Easily the greatest college player in history.

But my favorite entry on the list is No. 50 — Alfredrick Hughes from Loyola of Chicago. Writes Klosterman:

“There will never be another Alfredrick Hughes, which is kind of like saying there will never be another GG Allin. As a freshman, he once missed 20 consecutive shots vs. Bradley. As a junior, he took 655 shots and finished the year with only 17 assists. He’s perhaps best remembered for a bootleg T-shirt that was popular around campus that screamed, ‘SAVE LOYOLA BASKETBALL, SHOOT ALFREDRICK HUGHES.’ But the freak could always fill it up: 17.0 as a frosh, 25.7 as a sophomore, 27.6 as a junior, and 26.3 as a senior. Somewhere in Chicago, Alfredrick is taking an ill-advised shot right now.”

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