Are You Ready For The Pac-16?

A columnist for the Austin American-Statesman thinks that we’ll soon have the Pac-16.

From the looks of the article, this appears to be nothing more than speculation. And yet it makes perfect sense. The scenario: Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State join the Pac-12 to form a super conference.

That would give the league a foothold in major media markets spread across three time zones, and it would mitigate the influence the SEC will gain in Texas if it adds Texas A&M, which is expected.

If the SEC does expand, it will have to add a 14th team as well, and you can bet the conference will make overtures toward Texas, which is the golden calf in all of this. Whichever league manages to snatch up the Longhorns will score a major coup, and the Pac-12 would be foolish not to try.

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