Will Miami Get The Death Penalty?

As far as NCAA violations go, this story makes Oregon’s little $25,000 payment look like child’s play.

Yahoo Sports has a detailed story documenting how a longtime booster funneled what he estimates to be millions of dollars to football players at the University of Miami.

“If it wasn’t true, you couldn’t make it up. It is such a nightmare, such a perfect storm of arrogance, negligence and corruption, that it’s almost a parody of the genre. It’s a feature film that makes you roll your eyes and wonder how they ever expected an audience to swallow that it was ‘inspired by true events.’ “

Actually, I’d love to see a feature film about it, as unbelievable as it might be. The only question is the ending: Does Miami get the NCAA’s Death Penalty or not?

And it provides us with the opportunity to reiterate our favorite argument: The shamateurism of big-time college athletics won’t go away until viable minor leagues are established in football and men’s basketball.

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