Kevin Durant Makes People Happy

Kevin Durant scored 66 points in a game at New York’s legendary Rucker Park. But that wasn’t the part of this story that cracked me up.

“The NBA All-Star added a layup before lighting up the opposition with a barrage of four 3-pointers while facing double- and even triple-team defenses. The last shot made the crowd react by spilling onto the court, mobbing Durant.” . . .

“When play resumed, Durant showed he’s human by missing his next 3-pointer. Moments later, though, he slammed one home for his 60th point of the game and the crowd once again erupted onto the court. ‘They’re never going to forget that in Harlem,’ Gill said.”

Wait a minute. The crowd ran onto the court and mobbed Durant? During the game? Because the NBA scoring champion lit up a bunch of guys who aren’t NBA scoring champions? Can’t you just picture that?

One time in high school, our team had a night off and went to scout our next opponent — Grant High School in Portland. Grant had a skywalking guard named Andy Mott, and at one point he got loose and threw down a spectacular dunk. The crowd came unglued. They were dancing in the aisles like it was the Second Coming.

But it couldn’t have been that good of a dunk, because none of the fans ran onto the court.

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