Would You Want Your Child To Play For A Gay Coach?

Nice story in The Oregonian about Portland State’s Sherri Murrell, the only openly gay coach in Division I women’s basketball.

Some of the comments on the story question whether this is news. The story includes some of the e-mails Murrell has received, and I think those e-mails answer that question:

“Coach Murrell, I only wish that I (could) live my life as you do. Every year when I think I am going to make the big step, the culture around me pushes me down. I coach in the South and I just can’t imagine being out. Thank you for the hope that it can be done.”

“You have amazing courage to live your life in truth in this closeted profession we coach in. It’s so hard to live one life on the court and another off. . . . You have given me courage today. My partner suffers the most from this and one day hopes we can be in the media guide like your family.”

I don’t know whether or not that makes it news, but it does indicate that it’s an issue for some coaches out there. I’m sure it’s an issue for some parents, as well, if their daughter is considering where to play college basketball. Fair enough. That’s their prerogative.

But I’ve known Murrell since we attended high school together, and I would be proud if my daughter wanted to play college basketball for her.

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