Month: May 2011

County Decision Makes No Sense

So, let's get this straight. The Clark County commissioners want to make sure that the Yakima Bears aren't playing them for the fools. They don't want the team's owners to […]

Track And Field Rocks

One of the great things about covering the state track and field meet is that there's always something good to write about. At least there is if you're covering Clark […]

Kara Patterson Is On An Internet Near You

Vancouver Olympian Kara Patterson now has a blog on the U.S. Olympic team's Web site. That would automatically raise the friendly/upbeat/funny quotient for any Web site. In her latest post, Kara […]

Which Northwest Sports Figures Are Statue-Worthy?

Interesting topic on The Bald Faced Truth: Which Northwest sports icons are statue-worthy? If you put up one statue in front of the Rose Garden or Husky Stadium or Safeco […]

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