Month: April 2011

Blazers Eliminated By Mavs

Random thoughts on the Blazers' 4-2 series loss to Dallas: — More than anything, the series gave me an appreciation of how great Dirk Nowitzki is. Not only is he a […]

Did The Cubs Throw The World Series? Would It Have Mattered?

According to this story, there is evidence that the Chicago Cubs threw the 1918 World Series against the Boston Red Sox — the year before the infamous Black Sox. Well, […]

At Least The Blazers Have This Going For Them

To believe the stories out of Dallas, the Blazers' most valuable person tonight will be lead official Danny Crawford. ESPN reports that the Mavericks are 2-16 in playoff games refereed by […]

Yo Poophead

My favorite e-mail came with the subject line, "Yo Poophead." It then went on to say, "I know why your article on DiMaggio's streak was on page five. It stunk! . […]

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