Call It The Big Least

Anybody happen to see top-seeded Pitt’s epic failure against Butler? Anybody happen to notice that Pitt is from the Big East? Anybody still think the conference deserved 11 teams in the NCAA Tournament?

To begin with, you have to feel for Nasir Robinson. He made one of the all-time bonehead fouls that led to Butler’s victory. It was almost as though he thought the Panthers were still behind. So, yeah, it was a dumb foul, but you still have to feel for the guy. That’s something he’ll never forget.

As for the Big East, West Virginia lost earlier Saturday, and either Connecticut or Cincinnati is going to lose because they are playing each other. Sunday, Marquette and Syracuse play each other, meaning that another one will go down. With Notre Dame meeting Florida State, it’s possible the Big East will have two teams advance to the Sweet Sixteen, with each of them beating a conference foe to get there.

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