This Dream Sounds Like A Nightmare

Love baseball? Have good writing skills? Then Major League Baseball has a dream job for you. But there’s a catch. . .

You have to watch every major-league game during the 2011 season. Yes, EVERY GAME. By my count, that’s 2,430 games before we get to the postseason. From the job listing:

Major League Baseball is casting for an innovative new experience, which will require one lucky fan to eat, sleep, and live baseball for an entire season. If you’re a baseball fanatic and have an engaging, fun personality, this is the dream job for you.

Your new full-time job will be to literally follow baseball non-stop, as you will be charged with watching every single game of the 2011 season, blogging about all your thoughts and opinions, and discussing the hottest topics in baseball.

MLB will put you up at a place in New York, presumably with multiple TVs and a full-time therapist. Fortunately, one of the questions under “additional information” is: “If hired, can you verify that you are of legal age to drink alcohol in New York (age 21 or over)?” So at least it has that going for it.

But still, more than 2,000 games? It’s enough to drive somebody batty.

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