Oregon vs. Auburn, Part III: Revenge Of The Power Ballad

The deciding factor in the BCS championship game? It just might come down to this:

Oregon has a power ballad. Yes, Oregon has a power ballad, thanks to the Jimmy Fallon show.

And it’s sung by Sebastian Bach. Yes, the Sebastian Bach. (For those readers younger than me, Sebastian Bach is a heavy metal singer who had a couple hits a couple decades ago and has spent the past 20 years being famous for being famous. He’s like the Zsa Zsa Gabor of his time. For those readers younger than 90, Zsa Zsa Gabor is famous for being famous.)

Anyway, the Ducks power ballad is filled with campy goodness.

Our boys are prepared;

With coach Kelly in charge;

And secret “spread offense”

On cue cards

Well, maybe you just have to see it. I’ll bet the Auburn Tigers have seen it, and I’ll bet they are terrified. Could be the difference in the game.

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